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KDD 2013 Day 1

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

This year KDD is in Chicago. Day 1 is full of workshops.

One workshop is adkdd, which is fully on advertising. There was one speaker, Brian Burdick presented “Advertising – Why Human Intuition Still Exceeds Our Best Technology”. It is very impressive, though I totally disagree his point of our best technology will exceed human intuition. But that is very much another debate and pretty much depends on the definitions. Regardless. One inspiring story he made is the history of diamond sales in US. Followed his presentation, I did a bit dig. A brief is here:

Before 1950s, Dee Beers, the monopoly of raw diamond supply of the world desperately wanted to boost sales of diamond in US. Especially US still felt the impact of the Great Depression at that time, sales of diamond was very poor. At that time, people very rarely use jewelries other than diamond on the rings. Emerald was a pretty popular choice. Today a guy could be killed if he ever thinks buying an engagement ring with emerald on it. Since the antitrust law, Dee Beers was prohibited to promote itself or any jewelry in their marketing. So when Dee Beers worked with N.W. Ayer & Son, a advertising agency on using famous painters, such as Picasso  to create very beautiful, peaceful, harmony paints for advertising. But they lack an inspiring slogan goes with the paints. At that time, Frances Gerety, a young lady was looking for a job at N.W. Ayer.  It happened the copy writer just left and Ayer needed to fill the position soon. So Gerety got the job right away, though at that time females were barely given any respected jobs. It is this lady who coined “A Diamond Is Forever” in 1947 that is used in the advertising. Immediately, the slogan resonated millions lady’s heart. The sales of diamond in US went skyrocketing. In 2011, 75% of brides in US wear one diamond ring and it is $7 billion market. She had owned copy right of that sentence for 20 years.

Four words from a young lady make all the men in US who wanted to buy an emerald engagement ring extincted in last 60 years.

Brian said his slides will be online, we’ll see. Anyway, worth checking out if you could.

Query Clustering based on Bid Landscape for Sponsored Search Action Optimization” is a poster from Ye Chen at Microsoft. Based on a brief discussion with him at his poster, my understanding is that, the ad keywords biding system needs reduce the dimensionality of queries. So he clustered key words based on a Click-Through-Rate(CTR) probability profile. For example, key words with similar CTR will be grouped together and then in biding, queries of those key words will be given same Cost-Per-Click(CPC). Overall, the new design financially benefits Microsoft. The paper is very analytical and worth a reading.