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Attend “Workshop on bioinformatics, computational biology and systems biology”

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

This is a tiny workshop on structural and genetic stuffs in biology. The url is here. I found all the talks, especially from keynote speakers are very interesting. But a friend of mine pointed out to me that actually some talks were given years ago without any changes. That is amazing–I have been isolated from them so long!
I talked to a number of people who were posting their research. Two of them are quite interesting to me.

1. RF++: Generalized Random Forest-based classifier for cluster-correlated data
Yuliya Karpievitch was there helping me understanding the key points of this research. She told me that the assumption for Random Forest is the subjects are independent. That is totally opposed to what I thought of its conditions. Her poster provides one right way to use Random Forest. It would be very nice if she could introduce her package to R community.

2. Differential gene expression analysis of MPSS data
Soma Dhavala very patiently explained his work, in particular the process of his Bayesian inference. It is of interests that the prior in his approach is DP which produce good results. I wish I could read the paper thoroughly some day.

Nice work.

Anna May Wong

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

I almost settled down in Austin. The blog must go on as always.

I was really surprised to learn the work of Anna May Wong, the first Chinese(Asian?) American movie star. It is the documentary movie directed and narrated by Nancy Kwan. Anna had struggled in her life-long fight toward recognition by Hollywood. Her career as a actress started as earlier as in 20s. She navigated silent movies, color movies, movies we see these days, TV and stage. She played roles who speak in Cantonese, English, French. She became a star or star-like in American audiences toward her the end of her life. Eventually she gained more praises and acceptation among professionals decades after she died.

The director commented during the question and answer session, although she was very talent, she worked very hard what she believed and wanted to achieve. You will be successful. It seems there are some controversial things about her. Anyhow, the documentary is good.

The link to her website is here: Anna May Wong