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Job interview series I: Steps to answer a technical question

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

I am officially on the job market and found this is a great market, lots of opportunities and as well as competition. 🙂 This series are nothing but notes that are job interview related. I have two reference books, “Crack the coding interview” and “Programming interview exposed”.

1. Clarify the questions with the interviewer. Knowing what is asked is the basic. This step also could be tricky, sometimes, interviewers don’t know what they are asking, so it could be a step of “Let’s define a question together.”
2. Design an algorithm. Think how to solve it and come out with a solution proposal.
3, Present the idea/algorithm/solution either with pseudo-code or just white board demonstration. If the proposed is wrong, there is no base to go further. So discuss with the interviewer.
4. Code it.
5. Test and bug fixing.